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New! Travel Friendly 3 Head LED EyLight Kit
Perfect for Multimedia Journalists and production professionals. 
- Small, Lightweight, Carry-on
- Everything needed fits in case
- Cordless - No Cables - 4 Hour Run Time
- Easy and Quick Set-up
- Weather Proof
NEW! Frezzi ProLight, the World's most versatile camera light!
- Quick Release Head
- Articulating Arm
- USB Charge Port
- Pass through Power Tap Connector
NEW! World's First LED with 575W HMI Output
and Breakthrough Directional Focusing

Frezzi SunLight is the world's first focusing high intensity LED light designed specifically for ENG/EFP.  Runs on AC or DC broadcast brick batteries and is fully weather proof!  Read more...


NEW! EyLight -
Professional Grade Camera Light with Self-Contained Quick-Swap Rechargeable Battery Pack - Accepts Tungsten & LED Lamps

7. Lithium-Ion Camera Batteries, Chargers & Packages
a. Lithium-Ion Batteries
b. Lithium-Ion Power Packages
c. Professional Lithium-Ion Battery Chargers

New! Frezzi SkyLight - Ultra Compact LED with HMI Type OUTPUT!  
Handheld Support Accessories  
3. On-Camera Mini-Fill Lights & Kits
a. Dimmer Mini-Fill Lighting  
b. Dimmer Mini-Fill Kits

5. Mini-Fill, Mini-Sun Gun HMI & Accessories
a. Mini-Fill, HMI &  Accessories

8. HD Camera Batteries & Power Packages
a. HD Camera Batteries
b. 150WH HD Power Packages
c. Batteries & Packages for EX1 & EX3 & Frezzi Kits
d. Battery Chargers

9. Power Supplies / Inverters
a. Power Supplies / Inverters

10. Battery Packs & Battery Belts
a. Battery Packs & Battery Belts

11. Universal Lighting / Power Accessories
a. Universal Lighting / Power Accessories

12. Adapters
a. Adapters

13. Battery Power Adapters / Brackets / Pouches / Cases
a. Battery Power Adapters / Brackets / Pouches / Cases


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