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Adapter Cables
Item No. Model No. Description
96728 9580 PT (F) to XLR-4 (M) 2' NEW
96729 9581 PT (F) to XLR-4 (M) 4' NEW
96730 9582 PT (M) to XLR-4 (F) 6" NEW
96723 3252-PT PT (M) to No Termination 28"
96731 3252-PTF PT (F) cable to No Termination 4' NEW
96732 9583 NP-1 (M) to PT (M) 2' NEW
96718 3252-NP-1 NP-1 (F) cable to No Termination 4"
96710 9579 XLR-4 (F) to NP-1 (F) 18"
96716 CC-44 XLR-4 to XLR-(M) Coil 2-6'
96720 1044 XLR-4 (F) to XLR-4 (M) 10'
96711 9442 XLR-4 (F) to brick batteries 18"
96713 3252A XLR-4-(F) to 30V (M) 18"
96712 3252P XLR-4 (F) to Cigarette plug (M) 18"
96733 9410S BP-90 (M) to All Frezzi V-Lock batteries 18" NEW
96701 9455F BP-90 (M) to XLR-4 (F) 18"
96702 9458 BP-90 (M) to brick batteries 18"
96703 9576F BP-90 (M) to NP-1 (F) adapter 18"
96705 9455P BP-90 (M) to cigarette plug (M) 18"
96612 NP-B Frezzi NP-1 Charger to Anton type mount
96613 NP-V Frezzi NP-1 Charger to V-Lock type mount

Universal Clamp-On Power Adapter Models
Item No. Model No. Description
99011 NP1-HCP Clamp on adapter holds NP-1 Style batteries for
powering lighting.
99014 AB-HCP Clamp on adapter holds brick style batteries for
powering lighting.
99013 V-HCP Clamp on adapter holds V-Lock style batteries for
powering lighting.

Universal Mounting Stick
Item No. Model No. Description
96610 UMS Universal Camera/Light Support Stick

The UMS is an ultra lightweight, rugged monopod used to support Mini DV & HD type cameras weighing less than 10 lbs. Helps stabilize, counter balance and prevent fatigue while shooting and can provide over the crowd shots.

Size:  closed 18.8" / fully extended 61"
Weight:  .85 lbs.

Frezzi Adapter Plates
Item No. Model No. Description
96617 AB-F Anton® type equivalent Frezzi mounting plate
96618 AB-HCP V-lock type equivalent Frezzi mounting plate



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