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Visit Frezzi at NAB'11 and be entered in a raffle for a FREE HH-1 Professional Lighting and Power Kit for all Handheld Cameras.  Drop off your business card or fill out an entry form and be eligible to win.

Also, see the latest Frezzi gear, including LED lamps, 200W and 400W HMI lamps and the World Most Powerful Camera Batteries.

Where: LVCC Center Hall C11433
When: April 11 - 14 2011

About the HH-1 Kit
Get the best video possible with Frezzi's HH-1 Kit, a professional support and lighting kit for all handheld cameras. Hold all your accessories on-board and stabilize the camera for smooth and steady shooting.

You can shoot like a pro and achieve professional results. The kit includes a quartz tungsten 3200K and a new energy efficient 8 Watt 5000K LED lamps, battery system and support/stabilizer arm. The versatile system can be mounted on a tripod or quick released for smooth handheld operation.

The kit packs up quickly and neatly in your camera bag, great for today's video multimedia journalist and producer packs.

Save money by utilizing your existing gear with our Wireless Receiver Bracket (FWA) and camera adapter cables. All options easily integrate into the HH-1 system.
Quick, easy, simple, shoot and scoop
All accessories on-board camera
Go from handheld to tripod with ease
Reduces wrist pain and hand fatigue
Stabilizes camera for smoother video
Save money by using existing gear
Rugged, lightweight and portable
Over 7 Hours run time with LED lamp
Green energy efficient technology
Kit stays on camera, no tools required
Wireless receiver bracket accessory
Turn your VJs into Pro shooters
Protects camera when packed in case
Camera power adapter cables available
3 accessory mounting shoes
HH-1 Stable Grip Single Kit
Item Number 91043 Model HH-1

Item Model Qty Description
91202 MFIC-PT 1 Dimmer Mini-Fill PT 35W
97114 MFLK-C 1 8W 5K LED lamp & cap
93106 PB-65 1 14V 65WH Bat w/ meter
93924 PBC1 1 Single Chan Quick Chgr
96619 PBM 1 Power Block Mount
99007 HGS-2 1 Hand Grip Stabilizer
96306 LS-21A 1 Stud with Shoe mount
Total Kit Weight on Camera 2.25 lbs

Option Shown
96620 FWA Frezzi Wireless Adapter
For more information and options:
Call: (800) 345-1030
email: info@frezzi.com

HH-1 Light Support Kit
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