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Professional Lighting, Power, and Support Kits

Frezzi introduces the most advanced all-in-one Dimmer light kits containing everything needed for professional lighting, power, support and stabilization, all while mounted on-board your handheld camera.

HH-1 and HH-2 kits include our PBC charger and PB-65 Power Block battery- the PB-65 has a bonus Power Tap connector built-in to run light and camera simultaneously, can replace all Sony EX-1 and EX-3 batteries and powers these model cameras directly, other cameras can be powered with Frezzi PC-series adapter cables (see page 5). Our unique PBM Power Block Mount allows battery and accessories to easily shoe-mount to any handheld camera. World-Famous Frezzi Dimmable light accepts both quartz tungsten & LED lamps included in all kits. The new HGS-2 Hand Grip Stabilizer w/ foldable handle integrates your camera, battery, all tripod plates for quick release & optional FWA Wireless Accessory bracket into one unit.

The HH-3 kit comes with the Frezzi Stable-Cam which gives complete over-shoulder camera support, fully adjustable to any body type.







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