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Micro HD/DV
Stable-Cam™ Support System

Fully adjustable camera support system for all handheld
cameras allows for operation of camera, light, wireless,
monitor, etc.. Kits come with Stable-Cam unit, choice of either Dimmer Micro-Fill or Dimmable 15W HMI light, charger with auto-voltage select for worldwide operation, all mounting
hardware plus a 100WH 1.9 lb Li-Ion battery providing long
run time and perfect counterbalance. Camera can also be
powered via optional power adapter cable. Stable-Cam
balances on three body points making a natural body
extension all while powering light and camera and supporting
everything on-board, reducing fatigue and helping you capture
perfectly balanced, steady, well-lit images.

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Frezzi Stable-Cam™ Power & Light Kits
Item No. 99150 Model No. SCK-1A/B Bracket

Item No. Model No. Qty Description
99002 SC-AB 1 Stable-Cam™ w/ AB Bracket
91406 MRFIC-PT 1 Dimmer Micro Fill Light
93900 FLB-100 1 100WH Lithium Battery Snap On
93922 FLC-1 1 Compact Lithium Charger

Item No. 99153 Model No. SCK-4 A/B Bracket Kit
Item No. Model No. Qty Description
99002 SC-AB 1 Stable-Cam™ w/ AB bracket
92812 MRAX2-PT 1 15W Dimmable HMI Light
93900 FLB-100 1 100WH Lithium battery snap on
93922 FLC-1 1 Compact Lithium charger

Frezzi Stable-Cam Standalone Models

Item No. Model No. Power Cables
99000 SC-DV Stable-Cam DV Camera support (no battery bracket) 3.3 lbs
99001 SC-NP Stable-Cam w/ NP-1 bracket 4 lbs.
99002 SC-AB Stable-Cam w/ AB bracket 3.75 lbs.
99003 SC-VL Stable-Cam w/ V-Lock bracket 3.75 lbs.
99004 SG-HH Stable-Grip DV Handheld stabilizer 0.5 lbs.

Frezzi Stable-Cam to Camera Power Cables
Item No. Model No. Power Cables
99108 PC-1A Sony DSR PD-100 /150 /170 DCR-VX2000, VX2100
99109 PC-2A Sony HVRZ1U /Z5U/ Z7U, HVR-V1U, HDR-FX-1/ FX7 /FX1000
99110 PC-3A Panasonic AG-HPX-170, / HVX200 /AG-DVX100/100A/B/
99111 PC-4A Panasonic AG AF-100
99112 PC-5A Canon XF-305 /XF-300 /GL-1/ GL-2/ XH-G1
99113 PC-6A For JVC HM100U
99114 PC-7A Sony PMW-EX1 & EX3




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