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MF-NP1HC Spart Parts PDF

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2082-2 Rear NP-1 cup w/ thumb screw
2082-1 Front NP-1 cup w/o pins
N2991 NP-1 pins for 2082-1 (2 required)
ML-CO Handle clamp only
2396 Bottom black plate
0936-2 U-bracket with 2 holes
2184 Thumb screw for 2082-2
2167 Black screw for clamp, 1/4-20
2347 Black S.T. #4 screw for clamp
2346 Black S.T. screw, holds cups to plate (4 required)
2337-1 Left jaw for clamp (knob side)
2330-1 Right jaw for clamp
2026 Frezzi label for cup to hold pins
2342 L-bracket (connects u-bracket to front cup)
2166 Screw to attach u-bracket to L-bracket (2 required)
2351 Insulator between L-bracket and front cup
2261 Screws to hold cup to L-bracket

See the Mini-Fill replacement parts list for addditional Mini-Fill parts.


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