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200 WATT & 400 WATT HMI

Frezzi’s 200W & 400W HMI Lights are engineered for news gathering to produce a wide, smooth, flat optical field of light output that’s unmatched for their size and weight categories.

The 200W HMI rivals most 400W HMI units in the field today while
our newest 400W HMI can compete with much larger, heavier and expensive 575W and even some 800W models. This incredible output is a direct result of our computer optimized 5” open face
parabolic reflector.

Both Frezzi HMI units can operate on either AC or DC compact dimmable ballasts. Unique options are also available for powering the DC ballasts.

If you are looking for professional quality, superior output and performance and need to travel lighter to set up quickly with ease,
then Frezzi’s 200W & 400W HMI kits are designed for you.

Features & Benefits

• Highest output to size & weight ratio
• Most usable field of light output
• Dimmer controlled AC & DC ballasts with Hot Restrike
• Ruggedized, lightweight, weather resistant design
• Hot restrike, Daylight balanced to 5600K
• Rapid setup and breakdown, easy lightweight travel

Frezzi Super-Sun Gun Product Guide
200 Watt & 400 Watt HMI light heads and ballasts

Item No. Model No. Description
92601 SSG-200 Super Sun Gun 200 Lamp Head w/ cable
92602 SSG-400 Super Sun Gun 400 Lamp Head w/ cable
95201 BAC-200 Dimmable AC Ballast w/ AC auto voltage select
95202 BDC-200 Dimmable DC Ballast for 30V operation
95203 BAC-400 Dimmable AC Ballast w/ AC auto voltage select
95204 BDC-400 Dimmable DC Ballast for 30V operation


Item No. Model No. Watts Kelvin Life (hrs) Bulb Type
97104 FAB-200 200 5600K 200 HMI
97106 FAB-400 400 5600K 1000 HMI



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