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By Mark C. Doyle
President, SSI Production Services

SSI Production Services, a Bellmore, NY based production crew, has worked with some of the highest profile news organizations in the country such as Fox News, NBC, and CBS. Recent clients have included the Food Channel and Home & Garden TV. SSI just completed shooting a series for PBS. Accommodations can be made for one to three camera shoots in both the broadcast and corporate domain.

Currently, SSI utilizes Ikegami HL-V55 3 chip Betacam SP cameras. Each rig is always complete with a full light kit. At NAB 2000, Frezzi demonstrated the new and versatile Super Sun Gun. One of itsí biggest advantages is that it is an extremely portable HMI, which provides daylight as opposed to tungsten lighting. SSI operators previously used ARRI 1k lights, which not only dissipate more energy as heat than an HMI, but also need a blue gel to simulate daylight. This decreases the instrumentís light output considerably. In most interview situations, there is usually an element of daylight. Therefore, having a daylight-balanced light is a tremendous advantage. HMIs have a higher color-rendering index than tungsten lights so any image will be more accurately reproduced when illuminated by an HMI. The Frezzi Super Sun Gun, while operating on 200 watts of power, actually outputs the equivalent of 400 watts due to itsí reflector design. The built-in dimmer control on the ballasts allows for control of the light output by up to 50% and can further be controlled by using the supplied Soft Box and Barn Doors. Recent experience with the Frezzi Super Sun Gun is that it is the most efficient light on the market from a cost, size and light output perspective.

Recently, SSI shot a job for Fox News Channel that required an interview be shot in a forest. The subjectís face was lit with the Frezzi 200 and the dappled natural light from above lit the rest of the scene. This combination gave the subject a three-dimensional quality and excellent separation from the background resulting in an outstanding shot.

The Frezzi Super Sun Gun comes as a complete kit including AC and/or DC ballast, Soft Box with adjustable diffusion and filters, barn doors, bulb and a rugged, waterproof case. The ballasts included in the kit are extremely small and light in comparison to similar 200-watt units. Under normal DC operating conditions, the SSG-200 can run up to 35 minutes on a single belt, which is ample time for most applications. In a typical location interview situation, SSI uses the soft box with the Sun Gun to key the subject with an Arri 300 as an edge light to achieve a perfect lighting ratio.

To date, SSI has completed over 100 shoots with the Frezzi Super Sun gun with extremely positive results. Highly mobile and easily transportable, the Frezzi 200 makes a quality set-up much easier. This improves any shooting schedule right down the line by allowing more time to set an interesting frame, adjust filtration or make-up, or simply fit more into a day. In addition, the manufacturer has provided excellent support for the product. Frezzi recently upgraded the light with a new safety latch and handle design, both of which were provided at no extra charge. Our experience with this product has been very positive. The quality of lighting has improved significantly and the ease of use makes this Frezzi lighting system an easy recommendation.

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