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Data Sheet

Now 25% Brighter! The Frezzi SunLight is a breakthrough light with the unmatched output of a 600W HMI and new proprietary Directional Focusing LED design that adjusts the beam pattern without the use of high loss lenses or optical shaping filters commonly used to control LED beam pattern that reduces output significantly. Using the latest state-of-the-art 93 CRI 5500 K broadcast quality high-output LEDs and ultra-efficient highly polished internal reflectors, the SunLight captures 100% of the usable LED light and projects where you want it. The beam pattern is adjustable with a precise directional focusing control from its native 20 degree spot to a spreaded flood ideal for all shots even in full sun lighting applications.

With the SunLight, there is always enough output for applications where HMI's are typically required but without the harmful UV emissions, external heavy ballasts, dangerous heat or expensive and fragile HMI lamps and inability to run on DC. The Frezzi SunLight can operate on AC or DC with HD broadcast camera batteries giving a run time of 45 minutes. It's rugged, fully weatherproof with a full range of accessories and 100% dimmable for the ultimate in portable high-output field lighting. Compared to the other industry LED lighting the SunLight is half the size and weighs only 6.5 pounds for easy stand mounting and transportation. With 50% more output at comparable beam angles its unmatched for ENG/EFP work.

• 600W HMI Type Output- Over 1,000 fc at 10 feet

• Worlds First Direct Focusing LED without the use of filters

• 45 Minute Run Time with 2 Frezzi HD-150 Batteries

• Weatherproof and ruggedized all aluminum chassis

• Lightweight and compact only 6.5 pound fixture

• Instant on and runs cool – fast setup and break-down

• Compact full loaded AC/DC travel kit with HD stand

• Travel friendly NiMH battery safe for air transport

• No harmful UV radiation

• Saves money - no bulb replacements or ballast repairs

• Full 100%-0 Dimming without color shift

• Integrated LED voltmeter for battery/power supply status

Perfect for when remotes are too far from
the live truck. 

demos available! Contact info@frezzi.com to schedule today!


SUN1-K1 (99032) Full AC/DC Travel Friendly Kit & Stand


Qty Item Number Model

SunLight LED Head

1 91725 SUN1

SunLight AC PS 220W 24VDC

1 95117 FPS-220

SunLight BarnDoor

1 99027 SUNBD

SunLight CTO and Diffusion Pack  

1 99028 SUNGP

Compact Stand 7'

1 96236 FHMS

SunLight Power Cable

1 99030 SUNPC

Stand Clamp Dual Brick Adapter  

1 99031 SUNSC

Dual Battery Charger

1 94107 FQC-2

150WH 14.4V NiMH battery w/ EG

2 93306  HD-150

Dual Brick adapter with 30V output

1 96610 PA-30-B

Waterproof case w/ wheels & pull handle

1 96018 TC-8

SUN1- K2 (99033) AC ONLY Kit Same as above less (2) Batteries HD-150, Charger FQC-2, Dual Brick PA-30-B

SUN1- K3 (99034) AC/DC Kit No Batts Same as above less (2) Batteries HD-150, Charger FQC-2

Optional Accessory
SunLight SoftBox 24x24” 99029 SUNSB



with wheels & pull-handle 10.5x17x22” 48 lbs.


SunLight Softbox 24x24"
Only 1 lbs fits in case

Head Size 8” x 10.5” x 13”
Head Weight 6.5 pounds
Input Range 24-36 VDC
Power Consumption 220W max.
Connector Amphenol 30V 2-Pin (B+, A-)
DC Operation (2) Frezzi HD-150 or 30V Pack
AC Power Supply 120 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Color Temperature 5500K 93CRI
Focusing Direct Focus 20ºSpot ~ Flood
Dimming 0-100% without color shift
LED Life 50,000 Hours




Frezzolini Electronics Inc.
7 Valley Street Hawthorne, NJ 07506
(973) 427-1160