Green Screen and Studio Wall LED Lighting

The NEW Frezzi LUMENWALL™ is a state-of-the-art linear High-Output and Directional LED fixture designed to revolutionize studio green screens and studio wall lighting applications.

Even Lighting:
Consistent illumination across the entire green screen is essential. Shadows or hot-spots can cause difficulties during the keying process increasing post production correction.

Green Screen Wrinkles: If not illuminated correctly, any wrinkles or imperfections on the green screen's surface can cause shadows and inconsistencies, making it harder to key.Green Color Spill: Green light bouncing off the screen can spill onto the subject, causing a greenish tint. Controlling this spill is critical when lighting.

Expensive and Difficult with Traditional Lighting: Multiple bulky lighting fixtures are needed to properly light a green screen. They must be set up near the screen at exactly the right position and angle for even coverage. This can be costly, time consuming and challenging when positioning in a small studio.

PROBLEM SOLVED WITH FREZZI LUMENWALLThe Frezzi LUMENWALL is an innovative linear LED light designed to throw a highly unified wall of light across the span of the green screen. With any customizable lengths and low-profile design, it offers superior, uniform illumination, making it ideal for upgrading and new green screen lighting applications.


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Frezzi LUMENWALL Example


Linear Light available any length for your needs

Sleek, Light-weight, Efficient, Economical

High-Output and High CRI LEDs

● Proprietary Directional Parabolic Reflector

● Low-Profile Design 4" X 5" any Length

● Ultra Uniform Lighting from Top to Bottom

● No Back Spill - Clean Chromakey Results

● Lower-Power Energy Efficient LED Technology

● Reduces Operational Costs and Low Heat

● 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K and Tunable Available

● Flexible Mounting Options

● Precise DMX Dimming Control

Technical Specifications:
1. Dimensions:

- Length: Custom length per order
- Width: 5.0"
- Height: 4.0"
2. Weight:
- 4.5 lbs/Linear Foot
3. LED Technology:
- Type: High-performance LED
- Color Options : 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
- Color Temp Tunable Option: 2700-5000K
- CRI 90+
- Life: 50,000 Hours
4. Light Output:
- Up to 850 Lm/Ft
5. Power Supply:
- Voltage: 120-227 Universal Input Driver
- Power Consumption: 10W/foot
6. Control and Connectivity:
- DMX Control: Compatible (DMX control board included)
- Input/Output: [Insert DMX Input/Output Details]
7. Construction:
- Ruggedized and Light-Weight Aluminum
- Material: High-quality and Lightweight Aluminum
8. Mounting Options:
- Overhead Ceiling Grid Mounting (standard)
- Compatible with Optional Yoke or C-Clamp Mount
(optional accessories)
Frezzi LUMENWALL Photometrics

Typical photometric estimate - results may vary

Frezzi LUMENWALL Application Frezzi LUMENWALL dimensions



The Frezzi LUMENWALL™ is the ultimate solution superior chromakey lighting. It’s low-profile sleek design is perfect for smaller and medium studio where space is a premium.

It’s more economical the traditional lighting with better results.

Its outstanding performance and versatility make it an essential addition to any green screen studio setup, ensuring flawless and seamless video productions.

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