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Handheld Camera Support Accessories

Full line of Handheld and DSLR camera accessories allows you to customize your setup according to your needs. Now your camera light, power and wireless receiver can be mounted on-board into a professional, lightweight and stable support system. Shown in photo on right are the HGS-2 tripod mountable Hand Grip Stabilizer, FWA Wireless Receiver Adapter bracket, PB-65 Power Block Battery, PBM Power Block Mount and Frezzi Dimmer Mini-Fill (see kits here).

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Hand Grip Stabilizer Multi-Purpose Support Bar

HGS-2 (99007) New Hand Grip Multi-Purpose Camera
Stabilizer folds for easy storage in camera bag. It also accommodates all tripod plates for mounting allowing for quick release and accepts Frezzi’s new FWA Wireless Adapter and Power Block battery that can go on shoe with PBM mount, so everything is on board your handheld rig.

Wireless Receiver Adapter for all Handheld Cameras

FWA (99008) Frezzi Wireless receiver Adapter bracket works with HGS-2 or as stand-alone bracket. Supports most all wireless receivers, boxes, shoe mounts, plates and Velcro models. Fully adjustable forward and sideways allowing easy setup and camera bag storage.

Power Supply Cables for Using Camera with Power Block

Power your camera and light simultaneously from PB-65 Power Block Battery with Frezzi PC-series adapter cables.






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