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Travel Friendly LED Kit with Batteries

● Small, Lightweight, Carry-On Size

● Everything needed fits in case

● Cordless – No cables or wires

● Easy and Quick Set-up

● Professional Results

● Weatherproof Portabrace Hardcase
Perfect for Multimedia Journalists and Production Professional
w2 ● High Output - 80W Equivalent
● 4 Hour Run Time – Never Miss a Shot
● Quick-Swap Rechargeable Battery
● Single Point Source – Single Shadow
● Dimmer Control without Color Shift
● Weatherproof Safe Outdoor Use
● 50,000 Hour Life LED
● Safe - No Heat LED
● No AA battery Save Cost & Environment
● Ruggedized Aluminum Construction
Easily Achieve Great Video

Your path to professional looking video and

great story telling starts with quality lighting.
With 3 point lighting, you can effectively and
easily illuminate any subject for cinematic
looks and creative control.

Never miss a shot with 4 hours of run time
and having more light means the ability to
modify, control and match prevailing lighting
conditions. Single-Point source gives

pleasing and natural results with a single
shadow unlike panels that are pixelated.
Built for reliability

Frezzi ruggedized products

work when you need them and in any
weather condition. They are used by virtually
every major TV station and network.
Kit Ordering Information
Item    Model     Description
91720 MMJKW   3 Head Kit Warm (3 sets) EyLight 3200K, Combo BD/Filter, Batteries, Stands, Chargers, Camera Mounting HW
91721 MMJKC    3 Head Kit Cool (3 sets) EyLight 5000K, Combo BD/Filter, Batteries, Stands, Chargers, Camera Mounting HW

Options and Accessories
96216   PA-CTO   ProLight Combo accessory with 5000K to 3000K color changer, diffusion and 2 leaf BD
96217   PA-CTB   ProLight Combo accessory with 3000K to 5000K color changer, diffusion and 2 leaf BD
93108   ELBP      Battery Pack - Light weight rechargeable 2 hour run time battery pack
93922   FLC-1     Charger for Lithium batteries & power supply – Use with ELCC to Charge, Use ELBC to use as power supply
93940   ELCC      EyLight Charge Cup – Use with FLC-1 Charger
96736   ELBC      Bypass Connector – Allows EyLight to run on AC with ELCP and with ELPT Power Tap cable
93109   ELPT      Power Tap Cable – Allows EyLight to be powered by Power Tap – ELBC Bypass connector required
96313   MB-1A    Stand adapter to mount EyLight to 5/8” light stand
96237   FGNS     Goose Neck with 5/8" Stand Mount to 1/2" Stud

EyLight Specifications with 3200K LED

Light Output 100 ft-cd @ 5 feet
Beam Width 40 degrees
Lamp Life 50K Hours
Camera Mount Cold shoe and -20 stud
Tilt Angle +90/-45 degrees with lock
Size 2” x 5 x 4 3/4” w/ battery pack
Weight 15 oz. w/ battery pack
Socket Type MR-16

Battery Pack

Run Time 4 Hours per charge
Maximum Load 20 Watts
Rating 14.4V 22WH Lithium Ion
Meter 4 LED Energy Gauge with push button
Fast Charger
Input Worldwide operation 90- 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Size 4 1/2” x 2 1/4” x 1 1/2” (2” dia x 1 3/8” chg cup)
Weight 8 oz
Charge Time 4 Hours

Specifications subject to change without notice

Data Sheet


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