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Custom Engineering Solutions and Contract Manufacturing

Frezzi offers Custom Engineering Solutions and Contract Manufacturing services for various industries outside of the broadcast community.  We specialize in prototypes as well as production runs for OEM and private label applications.  We have an experienced team of Mechanical Designers, Electrical Engineers, Programmers, Quality Control Engineers,  Technicians and Assemblers on staff.   Engineering utilizes the latest CAD/CAM software and manufacturing techniques.  All design and production is done in our 15,000 sq-ft facility in Hawthorne, NJ in close proximity to New York City.

The following is a brief list of special projects completed, on-going or under development:

o Military Battery Packs (BB-542/U)
o Military Power Support Packages (OP-177/U)
o Custom Battery Packs and Chargers for various OEM applications
o Special Lighting Control Projects (Disney)
o Electro-Mechanical Case integration for various OEM applications
o Specialized RGB led circuits for R&D
o Suit Case battery packs for heavy current broadcast equipment
o Integration of video and robotic camera equipment
o Soft case design and fabrication for OEM applications
o Pelican case electronic integration for portable OEM applications
o Musical Instrument amplifier assembly
o Helmet mounted video camera and power support system
o High Intensity Solar Simulation using HMI lighting

For more information or to request a quote please contact us at info@frezzi.com.







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