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Battery Packs & Battery Belts

Battery Belts for Lighting and Camera

Frezzi’s New economical battery belts included built-in charger with rescue mode, auto maintenance charge & auto AC voltage select, Dual 4-pin XLR output connectors allow you to power a light and/or camera together, F14MH 150WH belt can power 35W light and 25W camera over 2 hours.

Weight: F12MH: 5.5 lbs., F14MH: 6 lbs.

Item No. Model No. Description
93609 F12MH 12V 125WH battery belt w/ built in charger & dual 4-pin output.
93610 F14MH 14.4V 150WH battery belt w/ built n charger & dual 4-pin output.
  Power Block Battery

Frezzi's new Power Block Battery is a 65WH 14.8V replacement for existing Sony BP-U60 batteries. It offers 20% more run time and has a built in meter and Power-Tap connector. You can run a 35W max light while powering your EX camera. PB‑65 is also a
replacement battery for HH‑1, HH‑2,
DSLR‑1, DSLR‑2 light kits.

Size: All models: 3.75”x2.75”x1.625
Weight: All models: 1.5 lbs.

Item No. Model No. Description
93106 PB-65 14.4V 65WH Power Block Battery with meter and built in Power tap connector for light.

FB Series Battery Packs for Lighting

For powering on-camera lighting our VB Series batteries are a great choice, housed in a protective nylon pouch with detachable shoulder strap and belt loop make it a comfortable wearing high performance battery to power all lights with a 4-Pin XLR or Cigarette type connector.

Size: All models: 8.5”x5.5”x2”
Weight: All models: 4 - 4.5 lbs.


Item No. Model No. Description
93514 FB-125-4X 12V 125WH battery w/ 4X output, shoulder strap & belt loop.
93515 FB-150-4X 14.4V 150WH battery w/ 4X output, shoulder strap & belt loop.
93516 FB-125-12P 12V 125WH battery w/ cig. output, shoulder strap & belt loop.

NP-1 Slim Line Camera / Light Batteries

The FNP-1HM 50WH NIMH Slim Line battery replaces all NP-1 type
batteries and can deliver almost 100% more run time than original NiCd model, it does require a NIMH Charger and will work with all Frezzi’s FQC, and M series chargers.

Size: 7.25”x2.75”x0.94
Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Item No. Model No. Description
93101 FNP-1MH 13.2V 50W NIMH batteries for maximum run time.

BP-90 Style Camera / Light Batteries

Frezzi’s FBP90 style battery is a direct replacement for original Sony® BP90 camera battery, it is also used for Frezzi Lighting and can charge on all Frezzi Chargers with BP90 port or an original Sony® BP90 type charger.

Weight: All models: 10 lbs.

Item No. Model No. Description
93501 FBP-90 12V 60WH BP-90 type NiCd battery for camera or light. 3.5 lbs.

Heavy Duty Battery

The Frezzi F30P 30V 15AH Battery is designed to power our 200W or 400W ballasts on DC, running the 200W over 1 1/2 hours and the 400W over 45 Minutes. Ballasts can connect directly to F30P battery. Note: F30QC required for charging.

Size: 9.6”x 4.7”x 9 
Weight: 19 lbs.

Item No. Model No. Description
93509 F30P 30V 450WH Super Pack (shown here) can run lighting loads up to 400W on DC (F30QC charger is required for charging

*discontinued                                                                                      *discontinued                                                                 



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