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HD Camera Battery 150WH

Frezzi's newest power addition for today's HD cameras are the incredibly powerful 150WH HD-150 series batteries. 

These heavy-duty workhorses can handle high discharge rates up to 200W and can easily support an HD camera and higher wattage light while delivering excellent cycle life. It provides the best four year warranty in the industry and has no travel restrictions making it the choice for today's HD cameras on the go. 

Designed for cameras with an Anton Bauer bracket, the Frezzi HD-150EG camera battery has an advanced energy gage that accurately displays capacity information by percentage and remains accurate throughout the life of the battery. The energy gage also offers an advanced sleep mode when not in use to save you valuable battery capacity for when you need it. Non-energy gage HD-150 model gives you just the raw power of 150WH at an additional cost savings. Both models feature a rugged, serviceable sure-grip case design. 

Offering the most runtime for cell chemistry, size & weight, plus travel-friendly with no restrictions makes Frezzi's HD-150 series batteries the best investment to power your HD cameras.

Features & Benefits
Best warranty in industry
Maximum runtime for HD cameras
150WH HD cells- best in industry, up to 200W load capacity
Unmatched performance & cycle life
Rugged - serviceable - sure-grip case design
Travel friendly- no restrictions

HD Camera Batteries - 150WH
On Board Batteries

Item No. Model No. Description
93207 HD-150 150WH 14.4V NiMH full size camera battery, A/B mount
93306 HD-150EG 150WH 14.4V NiMH full size camera battery w/energy gage, A/B mount







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