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300WH & 150WH Professional Broadcast Smart Batteries

Never miss a shot again, one battery all day with 300WH! 

Introducing our new 300 Watt-Hour Ultra High-Capacity 15A discharge 14.8V battery. This advanced battery provides a reliable and powerful source of energy to run your camera and lighting all day without having to stop and replace the battery.  Get dependable power for your demanding video shoots. 

Also available in a travel-friendly 150WH which is more compact and transportable without restrictions.

The FB-300 is used by professionals to cover the Super Bowl, daily news coverage and video production.  It's long lasting run time and informative display keeps you informed on all battery parameters.

Run Cine Cameras with 1 or with 2 batteries and our Dual Brick Adapter for 30V operation. It's housed in an impact and serviceable case available in A/B and V-Mount.

Packed with features make it a must-have for any videographer. It has a smart screen that displays battery parameters, including run-time, charging status, voltage, temperature and charge/discharge current. This allows you to easily monitor the battery's performance and ensure that it is ready for your next shoot.

It also features 4 Power-Tap and 2 USB connector providing a variety of options for powering and charging your gear. It's housed in a serviceable drop-proof case making it perfect for use in the field.

Don't settle for mediocre batteries that can't keep up with your demanding shoots.  Upgrade to our 300WH battery and experience the difference for yourself and never miss a crucial shot again




FB-150MS 150WH same features in a smaller size:
3.63 x 4.75 x 3.50" 2.25lbs



Model       Item      Description
FB-300     93960    300WH Battery AB w/ LED meter
FB-300S   93961    300WH Battery AB w/ Smart Screen
FB-300V   93962    300WH Battery V-Mnt w/ LED meter
FB-300VS 93963    300WH Battery V-Mnt w/ Smart Screen

FB-150M  93974     150WH Battery AB w/ LED meter
FB-150MS 93975    150WH Battery AB w/ Smart Screen
FB-150MV 93976    150WH Battery V-Mnt w/ LED meter
FB-150MVS 93978  150WH Battery V-Mnt w/ Smart Screen





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