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NEW! World's First LED with 575W HMI Output
and Breakthrough Directional Focusing

Frezzi SunLight is the world's first focusing high intensity LED light designed specifically for ENG/EFP.  Runs on AC or DC broadcast brick batteries and is fully weather proof!

NEW! EyLight -
Professional Grade Camera Light with Self-Contained Quick-Swap Rechargeable Battery Pack - Accepts Tungsten & LED Lamps


NEW! SkyLight - Highly Portable Daylight-Usable Light
An Ultra High Power LED with HMI equivalent output in a compact package Complete mulit-light kits in a compact carry on case. 


NEW! LED75 Lamp and Hybrid Dimmer Mini-Fill
Broadcast Quality Frezzi LED75 lamps
output an unbeatable 75W of high CRI light
in 5000K or 3000K versions while only drawing 8 Watts.



Highly Portable Studio Quality Lighting

● High-Power LED Lighting with HMI Type Output in a Small, Cool Package

● Complete Multi-Light Kit in a Carry-On Case

● Ultra-Long Run Time without AC Line Cords


New! Hand Held Camcorder Lighting Kits
Frezzi introduces the most advanced all in one Dimmer Light kit that contains all you need to achieve professional lighting while keeping everything on-board your Hand Held HD Camera with ease and stability. At the heart of the system is our New 65WH Power Block Battery. It can replace all Sony EX1 & EX 3 camera batteries and as a bonus it offers a built-in power tap connector to run light & camera simultaneously.  


  PB-65 (93106)
65 W/H 14.8V Power Block Battery with meter, built-in power tap
outlet & power cable

New! Sony EX1 and EX3 Replacement Batteries
Frezzi introduces the PB-65 14.8V Lithium Ion battery with meter for all Sony EX1 and EX3 camcorders. It not only offers more run time, but has a built-in Power Tap connector to power your light and camera simultaneously.


Lithium-Ion Battery System
Frezzi is proud to introduce the most powerful and lightest on camera professional batteries. These new lithium-Ion camera batteries were designed for the professional videographer who require a light weight, dependable battery that offers the most capacity to run a camera for hours without frequent battery changes. (more...)

Frezzi HD Super Sun-Gun 200 and 400 HMI Lighting Kits
These New robust designed Frezzi HD Super Sun-Gun LIghting Kits in 200 and 400 watt configurations provide for the most portable on the run reliable high output HD lighting where maximum performance is a must.  A new series of large Soft Box accessories are available.

Available in single and dual kit configurations, the SSG-400 features the highest output 400 Watt HMI on the market. At a distance of 10 feet, the Frezzi Super Sun 400 produces an incredible output of over 600 foot-candles. This incredible output is similar to most industry 575 Watt and 800 Watt HMI in super-flood mode and can operate on a DC battery power system provided by Frezzi.

The dimmable Frezzi AC 400 Watt electronic ballast is the smallest available in today’s market and operates worldwide. Being an Open-Faced unit provides for a quick set-up with no need for lenses. It also accepts all Frezzi 200W HMI accessories. Typical single head kits come complete with Head, Bulb, AC Ballast, Soft Box, Barn Door, and Compact Hard Case. (more...)


New! DSLR Lighting Kits
Finally a truly professional lighting and support system for your DSLR Canon 5D MII, 7D MII, T2i (550D) and Nikon D90, 300s and all HDSLR cameras has arrived...

Frezzi introduces the most advanced DSLR kits that come with everything you will need to provide constant professional lighting as well as full camera support for your stills or video work.

Our advanced system comes with a Dimmer Light that will help you capture superb images through quality lighting you can control, and it accepts both LED and Tungsten lamps making it the most versatile light out there.

Lithium-Ion Power Packages
Frezzi’s New Lithium–Ion Camera Power Packages come complete with (2) Lithium-Ion Batteries and (1) Dual Channel Simultaneous Battery Charger with 50W Power Supply.

The Power packages are available with your choice of 100WH or 200WH batteries, all have advanced LED meter with sleep mode and connect directly to any camera with either an Anton/Bauer® or V-Lock battery bracket.

The Power packages also include an advanced Dual channel simultaneous battery charger with 50W power supply that can be used while charging.


New! HD Power Packages
Frezzi's New 150WH Power Packages are ready to provide everything you will need to run those power hungry HD cameras and lights for hours non-stop. The HD-150 series batteries connect to any camera with an Anton / Bauer® or equivalent mounting bracket and come in packages that offer either a Dual Simultaneous charger and 2- HD Camera batteries or an Advanced Quad All-Chemistry charger loaded with features and 4- HD camera batteries. Frezzi's new HD series batteries are the most powerful NiMH series camera batteries that you can buy at any price yet are affordable, serviceable and are backed by the best warranty in the industry.  (more...)

New! Wide-Angle Light Spreader
The MFSB-3 is a unique wide angle light spreader / diffuser filter for use with wide angle lenses, diffuses and spreads light 60 degrees, can be used on any Mini Fill or Mini HMI Sun Gun, comes complete with everything you need.

New! FB Series Battery Packs for Lighting
For powering on-camera lighting our new FB 125 12V 125WH
and FB 150 14.4V 150WH
Series batteries provided unmatched runtime for there size & weight, housed in a protective nylon pouch with detachable shoulder strap and belt loop make it a comfortable wearing high performance battery to power all lights with a 4-Pin XLR or Cigarette-type connector.

New! 100W Compact Dual Channel Power Supply for Lighting & Cameras
Frezzi’s New FPS-100 is 100W compact dual channel regulated 14.4V power supply that offers two 4-pin female XLR-4 output connectors, the FPS-100 power supply can run a camera and light together, or power two cameras or two 50w lights at the same time, the FPS-100 comes supplied with detachable dual output cable that can be removed converting the FPS-100 in to a single channel 100W supply if desired, FPS-100 offers overload fold back & reverse polarity protection as well Auto AC voltage select for worldwide operation.

Universal DV Lighting Kit
Frezzi's Universal Light Kits include everything you need to set up any Mini DV / HD camera with professional lighting, new Universal mounting adapters and support stick allow for unique operating positions while providing a balanced and stabilized camera when shooting. (more...)


Frezzi Stable-Cam™ DV Light & Power Platform
Fully adjustable camera support system allows for operation of camera and Professional Dimmer Micro-Fill lighting while providing a comfortable and stable feel.  Stable-Cam™ balances on 3 body points making a natural body extension while powering the light and camera from one system. (more..)





Frezzi Single and Dual Channel Quick Charger
Frezzi’s new economical line of quick chargers can quick charge and rescue NiCd or NiMH batteries 12-14.4V 1-9AH, available in a compact single channel unit with choice of 6 different connectors or a dual channel simultaneous charger for Frezzi brick style batteries with Anton/Bauer® type mount. Auto AC Voltage select is standard. (more...)

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