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Award Winning HMI Lighting

In 1996 Frezzi revolutionized the lighting industry with the world's first on-camera HMI light. The tremendous popularity of the 24W HMI has inspired a new line of Frezzi HMIs.

The Mini-Sun Gun HMI is now available in a newer sleek lightweight configuration, a 24W HMI Mini-Sun Gun that is equivalent to a 100W Tungsten color-corrected. Output is 5600K with a smooth, flat, even field of light and operates from 12-14.8V camera battery.

Features & Benefits

• Award winning design
• Sleek, rugged and lightweight
• Operates from 12-14.8V batteries
• Mounts to all professional cameras
• Full line of accessories



Frezzi Mini-Sun Gun Series Product Guide

24 Watt Mini-Sun Guns DC Connector
Item No. Model No. Connector Description
92401 MFA24-NP1HC Self contained NP1 holder and handle clamp
92402 MA24-PT Power-tap connector, 2' cable
92410 MA24-PTS*** Power-tap connector, 1' cable, Sony® camera output connector
92403 MA24-4X XLR-4(M) connector, 4' cable
92404 MA24-NP1S NP1 connector, 2' cable
92405 MA24-NP1 NP1 connector, 4' cable
92406* MA24-12S BP-90 plug connector for Pag-Lok, 2' cable
92407* MA24-5X XLR-5(M) connector, 4' cable
92408* MA24-12C BP-90 socket connector, 4' cable
92409 MA24-12P Cigarette plug connector, 4' cable

(All 24 Watt Mini-Sun Guns include FAB-24 lamp)

**For use with Sony® Cameras that have a 30 watt regulator.
***For use with Sony® Cameras that have a 50 watt regulator.

Item# Model# Watts Kelvin Life(hrs) Beam Sp.
97102 FAB-24 24 5600K 500 21°
97103 FAB-18 18 5600K 500 21°
Run-Time & Output Comparison
Fixture Power Draw Output Run Time FC @ 5'
50W quartz w/ dichroic filter 50W 35W 86 min. 36
18W HMI 24W 75W* 180 min. 80
24W HMI 28W 100W* 154 min. 100

*Output shown as daylight-corrected tungsten equivalent


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