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The World's Favorite Camera Top Light

Made In USA...Frezzi's Award-Winning Mini-Fill Lights have been constantly improved and updated over the years for the video professional. They have established a reputation for quality, dependability and performance that true video professionals have relied on through the years for quality images.

Today's Mini-Fills are better than ever. Unlike other camera lights, the Mini-Fill has the ability to accept both Hi-Performance quartz-tungsten and Hi-Performance LED lamps, and upgrading couldn't be easier- simply plug in the latest technology as these evolve. This makes your Mini-Fill the quality, future-proof camera light that's second to none...couple with the Frezzi line of top-notch accessories and it's easy to see why it is the most requested camera light by top photographers and video lighting professionals throughout the world.

Features & Benefits

Award winning design

Quality construction with professional features

Full line of accessories available

Choice of connectors

Accepts both LED and tungsten lamps

Advanced circuitry conserves power when dimming with ominimal color shifting

Field proven & built to last

Dimmer Mini-Fill Series Product Guide

Dimmer Mini-Fill Dimmable quartz DC Connector
Item No. Model No. Connector Description
91201 MFIC-NP1HC Self contained NP1 holder and handle clamp (includes 35W lamp)
91202 MFIC-PT Power-tap connector, 2' cable (includes 35W lamp)
91206 MFIC-PTS Power-tap connector, 1' cable (30W Dimmer)
91203 MFIC-4X XLR-4(M) connector, 4' cable (includes 75W lamp)
91204 MFIC-NP1S NP1 connector, 2' cable (includes 35W lamp)
91205 MFIC-NP1 NP1 connector, 4' cable (includes 35W lamp)
91210 MFIC-12P Cigarette plug connector, 4' cable (includes 75W lamp)
91211 MFIC-30 30V, 2-pin amphenol (M), 4' cable (includes 80W lamp)




Tungsten Lamps

Item# Model# Watts Volts Kelvin Life(hrs) fc @ 5' Beam S.
97001 BAB 20 12-14 2925K 2000 35 40 flood
97002 FMW 35 12-14 3000K 4000 60 40 flood
97003 EXN 50 12-14 3050K 3000 80 40 flood
97004 EYC 75 12-14 3050K 3500 100 40 flood
97007 FNV 50 12-14 3350K 3000 80 55 flood
97006 EKP 80 30 3350K 25 150 40 flood
All lamps measured with frosted glass

LED Lamps

Item# Model# Watts Volts Kelvin Life(hrs) fc @ 5' Beam S.
97110* MFLED-C 8 12-14 5000K 10K 35 30 flood

All lamps measured with frosted glass except MFLED-W and MFLED-C which was measured with part number 1376 front cap. Frosted glass is standard on all Mini Fills.

*When using in Mini-Fill Light, part number 1376 front cap assembly is needed.

LED Lamp kits for all Mini-Fill

Item# Model# Description
97114 MFLK-C 8W 5000K LED lamp and 1376 open front cap for Mini-Fill


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